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happy-go-lucky / шалопай
имя существительное
varmint, scapegrace, happy-go-lucky
как придется
happy-go-lucky, higgledy-piggledy
по воле случая
adrift, happy-go-lucky
thoughtlessly, light-headedly, light-mindedly, happy-go-lucky
имя прилагательное
carefree, careless, light-hearted, unconcern, unconcerned, happy-go-lucky
careless, carefree, thoughtless, unconcerned, nonchalant, happy-go-lucky
random, casual, accidental, chance, occasional, happy-go-lucky
имя прилагательное
cheerfully unconcerned about the future.
a happy-go-lucky, relaxed attitude
She nauseated me with her cheerful singing with the woodland creatures and happy-go-lucky attitude.
His own happy-go-lucky attitude was a catalyst to Liz's lighthearted nature.
She was always so happy-go-lucky and always telling people that she loved them.
Despite Dena Thompson's claims that her happy-go-lucky husband had committed suicide, Mrs Webb was convinced she had murdered him.
Had she lived no doubt she would have been celebrating her 40th birthday today with family and friends who regarded her happy-go-lucky person.
But the happy-go-lucky teenager's life changed for the worse when he developed a keen interest in bodybuilding after leaving school.
Less tightly wound and introspective than his brother, Harry prefers to present a raffish, happy-go-lucky attitude.
I smiled at Joey's forever happy-go-lucky attitude, as he got off his bike and came to sit down on the grass next to me.
And yet, there is a charm in his happy-go-lucky world - a world that doesn't need progress.
The happy-go-lucky girl, from Washington, Tyne and Wear, has grown up to be a typical teenager who is a huge fan of pop star Gareth Gates, her mother Carol said.