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happily / счастливо, к счастью, весело
к счастью
fortunately, luckily, happily, mercifully
joyfully, cheerfully, lively, merrily, gaily, happily
in a happy way.
Eleanor giggled happily
Bangkok is a city where commerce and pleasure happily share the same parts of town.
All seems lost until the handsome Prince Valentine comes to save the day and it all ends happily ever after.
When you start off your need to act is so great you'll happily do anything.
Yet surprisingly, large numbers of people happily venture abroad without any cover at all.
I perch happily on a stool, poking gleefully at a small aquarium with a few brightly colored fish in it.
The cow stares at me with it's blissful brown eyes, chewing away quite happily .
Eleanor giggled happily
Eleanor giggled happily
He cried in delight spinning her about happily , he kissed her cheek and she struggled against him.
She blew a kiss to me through the window of the carriage and I returned it, giggling happily .