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happening / событие, случай, хэппенинг
имя существительное
event, occasion, development, happening, fact, passage
happening, case, occasion, event, incident, chance
имя существительное
an event or occurrence.
altogether it was an eerie happening
a partly improvised or spontaneous piece of theatrical or other artistic performance, typically involving audience participation.
a multimedia happening
имя прилагательное
fashionable; trendy.
nightclubs for the young are the happening thing
take place; occur.
the afternoon when the disturbance happened
be experienced by (someone); befall.
the same thing happened to me
He's also said ‘citizenship’ will be used as a unifying force, an admission that unity is not a happening thing at the moment?
The recent brawl in a city pub involving the son of a senior police officer has fixed the spotlight on these so-called happening spots.
‘What is now the ground floor of the Free Trade Hall will be the happening place to meet in Manchester,’ said Mr Smart.
Every world event, every local happening , every personal circumstance has an eternal purpose to it.
What ensues is neither stand-up nor sketch comedy, but a fluid multimedia happening that co-opts the audience and a bewildering number of stooges.
Now these are things I would likely do on any happening evening.
One sad happening prior to Christmas was the death of Galway's oldest resident Billy Lohan of Mervue who was in his 103rd year.
Today because of technology, synthesizers and rhythm machines, the happening musicians of today create computerized music.
They have an office in Balma, Southern France, about 500 miles away from a beautiful, fashionable and happening Paris.
Even I can't resist jumping into this and I admit it's because this thread's got that feel of a happening place.