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hapless / несчастный, незадачливый, злополучный
имя прилагательное
unhappy, miserable, unfortunate, poor, wretched, hapless
hapless, luckless, fortuneless
hapless, accursed, unblessed, unblest, sinistrous, ill-fated
имя прилагательное
(especially of a person) unfortunate.
if you're one of the many hapless car buyers who've been shafted
It's unfair to blame the hapless candidate, of course, for her party's shortcomings.
The hapless Sailor briefly stopped the onslaught when he scored three minutes later, but to no avail.
He would then regale his hapless customers with stories of his own daring deeds.
To be fair to the hapless reporter, I think he was rather embarrassed about this assignment.
Speer is no hapless victim caught in sadistic forces beyond his control.
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman star as two hapless criminals who embark on a land rush on the western frontier.
How much compensation was offered to the poor hapless farmers is not a state secret.
What about his grotesque decision to psychoanalyse his own daughter, the hapless Anna?
It is not merely hapless tourists that are suffering in this unstable climate.
After all, failure to do so could leave them as hapless bystanders in a game of musical chairs which may be nearing its climax.