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hanks / моток, бухта троса, бухта кабеля
имя существительное
hank, hasp, ravel
бухта троса
bight, hank
бухта кабеля
reel, wind up, reel off, hank, interwind
имя существительное
a coil or skein of yarn, hair, rope, or other material.
a thick hank of her blonde hair
a measurement of the length per unit mass of cloth or yarn, which varies according to the type being measured. For example, a hank is equal to 840 yards for cotton yarn and 560 yards for worsted.
This enables the dyer to create hanks of yarn that aren't too tightly wound together, ensuring that the dye bath can penetrate all of the fibres and preventing streaking.
a ring for securing a staysail to the stay.
A hank is provided for rapidly attaching a sail to a stay.
In Thao Van's other basket are the accessories, piles of chopped coriander, mint and spring onion; huge hanks of fresh rice noodles, white as marble.
It is larger and has fewer eaters and is it revolves at 150 to 200 revolutions per minute, it requires no feed rollers to hold the hanks of fibre which are submitted to its operation.
Cyril, don't let them leave without a couple hanks of wool as well, eh?
Seems her feet got dirty at the friends house a dozen times before I ripped hanks of hair from my head and tossed them into the air.
I would return to feed you black hanks of kelp from each fist.
There was a lot of cutting seams and scrap thread and yarn, but I managed to get a few small hanks out of the left side panel of the cardigan.
Snarled hanks of colored line nest devotedly against one another and suspend euphoniously from a planar filigree of black over white.
They buy the cotton from the Sangham office for Rs.25 a kg and can get 13-15 hanks if the cotton is good.
Large, hard-boned dogs crack their skulls on the smoky rubbish wasteland on the edge of town, hanks of gory sheepskin lie in the turgid filth and multi-species dung.
He pushed hanks of auburn back out of his eyes and held the spiral-linked booklet out towards me.