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hanker / страстно желать, жаждать
страстно желать
crave, hanker, long, lust, pant, gape
crave, thirst, covet, hunger, yearn, hanker
имя существительное
страстное желание
craving, longing, ardent desire, hankering, concupiscence, hanker
feel a strong desire for or to do something.
his wife accused him of hankering after adultery
So, if you have a hankering to be creative and would like to makeover your home this spring, or you have a sewing machine stashed away that you never quite got round to using then this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for.
I had a hankering to resume the game of guessing songs again, although straining to hear other people's personal stereos in the gym is not only sadder than doing it on the bus but it makes you look stupid.
Prerequisites are a willingness to experiment, a desire to play, and a hankering to shake up preconceived notions about your art and photography.
This really got a lot of these cocktail hankerers together in a real way.
Are you hankering to increase your knowledge of lesser psychedelic bands or the maybe just dig up some information on Holland, Dozier and Hollands' ill fated seventies soul label?
Right now it's just after 9am on the East Coast, so many of you are probably just settling in to your chairs with some hot coffee and a hankering to do something other than work.
I still cannot figure out why the machine dials the Internet every 15 minutes; I've checked every program that hankers to be online, and they all insist they're guiltless.
‘I know he had a hankering to be hands-on again,’ says McLeish.
The main drag for the fashion hankerer is Strand Arcade in the heart of town.
I want no philosopher queen or king, no prophet exuding revealed truth, no mesmerising Pied Piper, no hawker of appealing mirages, no self-absorbed hankerer for power.