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hangover / похмелье, пережиток, наследие
имя существительное
hangover, crapulence, Katzenjammer
relic, survival, remnant, holdover, hangover, leftover
heritage, legacy, inheritance, patrimony, heirloom, hangover
имя существительное
a severe headache or other after effects caused by drinking an excess of alcohol.
These side-effects are far more severe than a hangover and can act as a strong deterrent to drinking.
she had a hangover
Seeing the disaster zone in the cold light of day can be enough to speed a headache to a full-blown hangover .
The internal one is a hangover from the Soviet times and is their only valid form of I.d.
Mr Mahony blames a hangover from the Honeyford affair on the failure to establish real dialogue on race issues.
As a result this practice, a hangover from the old regime, was discontinued in 1995.
There's a hangover from that which has made people reluctant to chase after the big money.
Like refrigerated Valpolicella and pet rocks, it feels like a hangover from another age.
The closing of the precinct was a hangover from the casino idea, which was still a possibility.
This morning I have just a bit of a hangover having gone out drinking with Jimmy the Bollix last night.
This could be a hangover from communism, while there could be other influences.