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hangman / палач, вешатель, виселица
имя существительное
executioner, butcher, hangman, torturer, slaughterer, headsman
hangman, hanger
gallows, hangman, gibbet, scaffold, tree, stifler
имя существительное
an executioner who hangs condemned people.
Well Diane, finally, how do you think that history will judge these people who were the hangmen ?
Playing Cranium feels like playing charades, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Name That Tune and hangman all at once.
As I recall, my early school years included a gazillion games of hangman .
Cards and games of hangman were our salvation and how we managed to remain positive while barely able to stand the smell of each other, I will never know.
We started out with the old standard hangman , then figured out ways to complicate it.
We played hangman and tic-tac toe in the dry sand to conserve water for writing.
The resources here include comprehension activities and games such as hangman , and plenty of information about the news, culture and lifestyle of German-speaking countries.
She must have seen our hangman games because she stopped.
Arresting young children for a crayon drawing, not unlike the games of hangman we once all played, is the ultimate meaning and logic of Zero Tolerance.
But I'd never ask anyone - a hangman or executioner, to do something I wouldn't do myself, nor approve of it.
At his daytime job he has ominous conversations with a sinister welder whom none of his co-workers has ever seen, and he finds cryptic notes in his apartment in the form of handwritten hangman games.