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hanger-on / приспешник, навязчивый поклонник, прихлебатель
имя существительное
henchman, satellite, onhanger, hanger-on
навязчивый поклонник
onhanger, hanger-on
onhanger, cadger, trencherman, hanger-on
имя существительное
a person who associates with another person or a group in a sycophantic manner or for the purpose of gaining some personal advantage.
he was a hanger-on who used to come around and drink with Father
he was a hanger-on who used to come around and drink with Father
But if you're tagging along for the adoration you get by being her bud, eventually people will see that you're just a hanger-on .
Yet far worse, this self-electing oligarchy, largely consisting of senior owners, military types and their hangers-on , seem fatally compromised.
It's the world of an apparently mad rock star who's bored with it all and so contemptuous of the hangers-on that surround him, he speaks only to himself.
He even has a pop at the police for failing to clamp down on the hangers-on who follow parades.
And like those spectators there were polarized groups, followers and hangers-on to the Candidates.
There's nothing worse than a bunch of old hangers-on that get in the way of young people running for office.
There were always crazy hangers-on lounging around, but the people who worked with Andy formed a tight circle.
We aren't paid the vast sums of money, we aren't as high profile, we don't have as much media intrusion or the sort of hangers-on that can be associated with Premiership stars.
Under the ancien régime, no self-respecting local would be seen in the glitzy hotel bars, as only the party faithful and their gangster hangers-on frequented them.