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hanger / вешалка, подвеска, кронштейн
имя существительное
hanger, rack, peg, tab, rail, shoulder
suspension, pendant, hanger, pendent, drop, pod
bracket, support, carrier, console, hanger, cantilever
hook, hanger, peg, needle, crotchet, frog
dirk, hanger
имя существительное
a person who hangs something.
a wallpaper hanger
a shaped piece of wood, plastic, or metal with a hook at the top, from which clothes may be hung in order to keep them in shape and free of creases.
If the door was locked, a coat hanger or garden tool was usually used to try to hook the keys.
White gloves that were studded with diamonds hung on the hanger beside it.
I went to the master bedroom and found his uniform still hanging on the steel hanger .
She moved quickly over to her closet where her uniform hung from a hanger .
You just spray this on the night before and smooth away the wrinkles as it hangs on a hanger .
Jim reached out for Blair's coat and hung it on the hanger behind the desk, then started to take his own off.
a wallpaper hanger
On the far left, the lead hanger runs the belt by pushing a lever with his knee and hangs the first shackle.
A black leather mini-miniskirt hung from a nearby hanger , and it happened to be her size.
Still, he calmly slipped out of his thick green jacket and hung it on the hanger closest to the air conditioner.
Only the absolute, most experienced hangers even have a chance at doing this job.