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handyman / мастер на все руки, умелец, матрос
имя существительное
мастер на все руки
handyman, factotum, do-all, utility-man
sailor, seaman, man, mariner, bluejacket, handyman
имя существительное
a person able or employed to do occasional domestic repairs and minor renovations.
Do we expect them to be hair connoisseurs, fashion designers, handymen , scientists, builders, artists, romantic singers, athletes, leaders, and warriors?
Parish councillors had employed a handyman to put up the signs at the field and he had been subjected to verbal abuse by dog owners, said Coun Campbell.
My advice is to find a handyman who can nail a piece of plywood in front of your furnace.
He's the club secretary, the manager and the voluntary handyman .
If the wells are made of brick, a mason or a skilled handyman can add another row or two of bricks on top of the existing wall.
Closets cost less than built-in cabinetry, and they can be built by a handyman who is accustomed to framing and drywalling.
They called the carpenter / handyman who does most of the repairs in our complex.
Have a handyman make all repairs at the same time to avoid multiple visits.
Hire a handyman or carpenter to have cabinets, closets and shelves all built right into your garage.
It is not appropriate for do-it-yourself installation unless done by an accomplished handyman .
A second opinion on these repairs should be obtained from a licensed general contractor, rather than a handyman .