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handwriting / почерк
имя существительное
handwriting, hand, writing, script, penmanship, calligraphy
имя существительное
writing with a pen or pencil.
It's a page torn from a school notebook, slanting scrawled handwriting on it.
her handwriting was small and neat
The hardest part was deciphering Jack's handwriting on the scribbled notes which told him which file was which.
I do not know whether any members have picked up off the table his amendment in hastily scrawled handwriting .
Still saves a human having to struggle to read the scrawl that passes for handwriting today.
On top of mimicking drawings and my mum's handwriting , I also discovered a talent for vocal impressions.
He produced a photocopy of the note, as well as a typewritten transcription of his handwriting .
It is claimed that the fresh crosses were made in the same handwriting and with the same blue pen.
And the style of your handwriting at that point of time could bare your soul in the presence of others.
You can now have your own handwriting printed out via laser or inkjet in various colors.
Do you remember how to do real handwriting or are you so rusty your scrawl resembles a doctor's prescription?