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handwork / ручная работа
имя существительное
ручная работа
handicraft, handiwork, handwork
имя существительное
work done with the hands.
the transition from handwork to machine production
Both Kaachhi, Dhebaria and Vangadia Rabari matriarchs explained what every stitch, motif and pattern signified, how they were made, when they were worn, and how each group's handwork differed from the other's.
I have also mixed a lot of handwork and embroidery,’ she says.
the transition from handwork to machine production
Forest Service officials are comparing the economic and ecological results of this handwork to using machines.
To many it represents an alternative lifestyle statement and the intrinsic soul fulfilling value of handwork with man and not machine at its heart.
Many of the qualities like the extravagant detailing, lush colours and fine handwork are demonstrated in the exquisitely crafted shades of the era.
Although he's associated with detailed handwork , he happily uses the serger and the sewing machine for many special effects.
Lisa's models wear: crop-jacket pant suit; skirt suit in burlap with her signature raffia handwork , her homage to Bahamian straw basket makers.
Many children enjoyed making things from wood, fabric, wool or paper and gave their own handwork as presents, especially among the family.
Even so, no matter that I love to stitch, that I pick up the quilt whenever I can, that I honestly take solace in this homely handwork , it still takes months.