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handstand / стойка на руках
имя существительное
стойка на руках
имя существительное
an act of balancing on one's hands with one's feet in the air or against a wall.
They are doing handstands , cartwheels and back flips in San Diego for a team that was 1-15 last season.
This action is key for pushing movements in the shot put, the press-up to a handstand in gymnastics, pushing in football and the final push-off to clear the bar in the pole vault.
I had discovered that I could kick up without fear, and I loved the feeling of flying up against the wall into a handstand .
Ikeda, who won the gold medal on balance beam at the 1954 World Gymnastics Championships, amazed the audience by performing a handstand after mounting the podium to accept her award.
He feels like he is caught in a permanent handstand , feet to the heavens, hands to the earth, swinging free.
We see one monk do a handstand balanced solely on his index fingers.
Chen, who is now playing elder sister to many of her younger classmates, has already accustomed herself to the endless backward somersaults, handstands and horse vaults.
One of the instructors then broke into a flurry of breaking moves that included vault-like leg swinging and inverted human pretzel handstands to make a gymnast blush.
Considering the twins were already doing handstands and backflips while blindfolded on the top of a revolving 16-metre high wheel of death, it's difficult to imagine how the Russians might have gone one better.
On bars, I have to make sure the handstands are perfect.
She had to do cartwheels and handstands , but was perfect.