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handspring / кувырканье колесом
имя существительное
кувырканье колесом
handspring, cart-wheel, Catherine-wheel
имя существительное
an acrobatic jump through the air onto one's hands followed by springing onto one's feet.
In the vault, for instance, she performed the Tsukahara, a sideways handspring with back somersault which, until recently, was only ever executed by the men.
Sirobaba fell on an Arabian double front and 2 1/2 punch front during her routine, but later repeated the Arabian double front and also stuck a front handspring , double front.
Zamolodchikova worked aggressively on balance beam in her trademark style, adding a new full-twisting back handspring, back handspring , layout stepout, and back tuck to Rulfova.
Blanik, who finished third on the event at the 2000 Olympics and second at the 2002 Worlds, scored a 9.875 in Glasgow for his piked handspring double front.
Though Dmitry Kasperovich is suffering from an injured leg, he continued vaulting until he successfully completed a handspring double front-half and Tsukahara double back.
He then spun into another sweep, and kicked my left foot out from underneath me. sensing that I was falling, I put both my hands down, and jumped into a back handspring .
Rice said she felt the vault was extremely suitable for the Yurchenko-style vaults, where the gymnast does a round-off onto the board and a back handspring onto the horse.
Sun Xiaojiao of China earned the day's high score, with a routine that included a one-arm back handspring, back handspring , layout to two feet.
However, the front handspring went awry, resulting in a 1 1/4 front to her collarbone.
Instead, I composed myself and did a handspring into a one-handed cartwheel.
Cuba's Roche did a ‘two and a half handspring , ‘the first time ever this vault has been done at an official competition.’