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handshake / рукопожатие
имя существительное
handshake, handshaking, shake, handclasp, clasp, handgrip
пожимать руку
имя существительное
an act of shaking a person's hand with one's own, used as a greeting or to finalize an agreement.
A firm handshake is the basic greeting, and people shake hands again when they part.
He set down one of his items on the floor and stretched his hand for a handshake and I shook his hand as firmly as I could with my free hand.
One was patronising, another was a bit too school-marmy and he said a third had a handshake like a warm wet fish.
President Bush strode to a warm but dignified handshake from Queen Elizabeth II.
‘It's so good to see you,’ Isaac said stretching out his hand and gripping Jeremiah's in a warm handshake .
And he was very pleasant with a warm welcome and handshake .
A handshake is the normal greeting between men and women unless one is very familiar with the person.
His warm handshake and kindly smile at the end were such a tonic that I left the confessional on cloud nine to do my penance.
And then there is his handshake , a bone-crushing greeting straight from a rust-belt mill.
The usual greeting is a handshake , although Roma men often embrace relatives and close friends and kiss them on the cheek.
Their warm handshake may not sound like much to you but in terms of the development of Ono as a truly international organisation I believe it was a significant moment.