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handset / телефонная трубка, телефон-трубка
имя существительное
телефонная трубка
handset, receiver
набирать вручную
имя существительное
a cellular phone.
many stolen handsets are believed to end up in Eastern Europe
It's easier to sell a new handset on its features, especially where those features might aid bragging rights.
All are controlled by a single handset , and even the Velux roof lights and blinds open and close at the touch of a button.
For example, I previously had no idea that you can play games on a handset or send text messages and e-mails.
In other words, the handset makers and network equipment vendors are in for years of tough negotiations.
And my own tests with my own equipment have shown that the amount of radiation being received when using a handset is very low.
The trauma of losing a mobile phone is usually not the handset but the phone numbers and saved text messages it contains.
Alex picked up the handset and listened as the dispatcher gave him instructions.
By using a telephone handset , users will be guided through a simple procedure to access the information they require.
They hit the target and a five second charge of electricity is delivered from the handset via two thin electric wires.
I have an awful fear that tomorrow I am going to go out and buy a GPS handset .