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handsaw / ножовка, ручная пила
имя существительное
hacksaw, handsaw, arm-saw
ручная пила
handsaw, arm-saw
имя существительное
a wood saw worked by one hand.
For straight cuts use a circular saw or a handsaw ; for curves use a portable jigsaw.
Remember those little slotted plastic boxes you could use to guide your handsaw when cutting miters?
Complete the form building by slicing off the ground stakes flush with the top edge of the 2x6 form boards using a handsaw .
Most cuts can be made with a circular saw, handsaw , or saber saw, but the angled back support would be more easily cut with a table saw.
A reciprocating saw, as the name implies, utilizes interchangeable blades that move out and back in a reciprocating motion, in much the same action as using a handsaw .
If the four cuts were not enough to cut all the way through the board, finish it off with a sharp handsaw .
Use a handsaw and miter box to cut four pieces of L-shaped edge molding to fit around the canvas.
Lauan plywood is inexpensive and can be cut with a handsaw , any power saw, or even a utility knife guided by a metal straightedge.
Using a fine-tooth handsaw or circular saw, rip the final row to fit into place, again leaving a 1/4 ‘gap against the wall.
In my garage, we inserted large peg hooks to go into the wall and hung up long extension cords, a hose, a ladder, a bike, a lawn edger/trimmer, a rake, a shovel and a handsaw .
A few hours after a tree is cut, the trunk seals itself off and water can't pass through, so before you bring your tree inside, use a small handsaw to take an additional 2 inches off the base.