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hands-free / свободные руки
имя прилагательное
(of a telephone or other electronic device) designed to be operated without using the hands.
The customer's new office is intended to be a small call center, so hands-free phone operation is a big benefit.
When hands-free phones were invented I rejoiced - no longer would onlookers spying my muttering think me an insane person.
This generic hands-free phone adapter is said to fit all makes and models.
Users of hands-free phones still risk prosecution for failing to keep proper control of their vehicle or for driving carelessly or recklessly.
There are many ways in which you can fit a Bluetooth hands-free phone kit in your car and link it to your stereo system.
And within a minute, the hands-free phone rings and a woman with a kindly and reassuring voice is asking me what it is that I desire.
Hands-free phones seemed to offer no safety advantage over hand held phones, though few drivers had hands-free phones.
But the use of hands-free phones will be permitted as will the use of mobile phones by passengers.
The key question, however, is this: is using a hands-free phone any different?
Sound is provided by a Bose speaker system, and the standard mobile hands-free telephone is mounted in the centre armrest.
Other specialists believe that using a hands-free phone while driving is no more dangerous than smoking or tuning your car radio.