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handrail / поручень, перила
имя существительное
handrail, handhold, guard rail
railing, handrail, rail, balustrade, banisters, banister
имя существительное
a rail fixed to posts or a wall for people to hold on to for support.
Glass balustrades support stainless steel handrails and slatted panels extend into the gap between deck and cladding.
I once fell and pulled the handrail off the wall.
And I can't stand those people who lean on the pole so that you can't hold onto it - its not a leaning post, its a handrail .
The stairs are finished with a teak handrail , newel posts, and spindles.
A similar fitting is used on the intermediate newel posts, then the handrail is attached between these fittings.
Before I could reply, the shuttle jerked into motion, and I grabbed onto the handrail for support.
Baroness Thatcher, dressed all in black, looked frail as she clasped the handrail for support before being driven away.
In effect, they are speed bumps for your walls, handrails , curbs, etc.
The bird hopped from one perch to the next, calmly inspecting the passing walls and handrails .
Workers say that handrails and temporary supports were removed from the site two hours too early.
It nearly gave out beneath him, but he gritted his teeth and slowly inched his way down the stairs, using the handrails for support.