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handout / рекламный проспект, подаяние, тезисы
имя существительное
рекламный проспект
handout, news-sheet
alms, handout
alms, handout
рекламная листовка
имя существительное
something given free to a needy person or organization.
hundreds of thousands of refugees subsist on international handouts
printed information provided free of charge, especially to accompany a lecture or advertise something.
she was shocked when she saw a one-page handout condemning her campaign
As my colleague states, a large part of our salary goes towards our pension every month, and we are not just given the money as a golden handout from the taxpayer.
I didn't have to grovel for a handout from my parents anymore.
I hope this article may be used as a parent handout to help parents feel comfortable talking about weight issues.
Print a stapled handout of the 5 or 6 pictures and give each person a copy.
The cost per child is €70 and each child will receive a handout of the material being covered and a Music for Minors folder to put their work into.
Charities across south Essex have benefited from a handout of Lottery grants totalling more than £220,000.
A patient information handout on snakebite prevention and first aid accompanies the article, on page 1377.
A checklist for returning to work is provided in the patient information handout that accompanies this article.
A patient information handout accompanying Dr. Kligler's article helps explain these effects.
His handout provided keys to the species, hybrids and structure which I have loosely interpreted to help you understand this genus.