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handmaiden / служанка
имя существительное
maid, handmaid, maidservant, handmaiden, girl, woman
имя существительное
a female servant.
And then, accompanied by many well-dressed servants and handmaidens , entered the most beautiful person Carson had ever seen.
Now, instead of a KGB's colonel's rank, he merely serves as the handmaiden of the right, spouting out nonsense in his typically bellicose, slovenly way, a bit of dutch courage always nearby.
Well into the eighteenth century the idea of the writer as God's handmaiden held sway.
Anna and Nancy became close friends and Anna helped Nancy work up to the level of being recognized as Anna's handmaiden instead of a common servant.
Just as vague and abstract language makes for bad prose, it is also the handmaiden of bad policy and the abettor of buck-passing.
Cowardly multiculturalism thus makes itself the handmaiden of anti-Western extremism.
The guy can't write very well, but we were always taught that muddled thought is the handmaiden of poor writing.
Her handmaiden is also far from your stereotyped female character.
And with the media playing the handmaiden to the synergizing anxiety, the whole thing can become very demoralizing and damaging for campaigns.
Powerful trade unions are the handmaiden of stagnant economics.
She is a hard liner who believes that trade policy should be the handmaiden of security concerns.