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handmade / ручной работы, сделанный вручную
имя прилагательное
ручной работы
сделанный вручную
имя прилагательное
made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality.
his expensive handmade leather shoes
Mitchinson was wearing a handmade corduroy suit, handmade shoes by Ducker's of Oxford, a cashmere polo neck.
The Coffin Cover combines a cardboard coffin interior with a removable traditional handmade wooden exterior.
Every year he went there for his wardrobe, ordering several suits and pairs of handmade shoes.
Some of the attractive items on display at the Rajasthani counter include paintings on handmade paper.
Shoes were also handmade and came from only two stores, Feney's or Acropolis shoes.
Each of Anand's pieces is individually handcrafted using wood-free handmade paper.
My silhouette was handmade , signed by the artist, and a work of traditional craft.
You can buy dolls there from a range of beautiful handmade dolls, and designer dolls' clothes.
Even with its size, it retains a sense of delicacy, a handmade quality that creeps out of its obsessive folds.
Every street has independent shoe shops with handmade Italian shoes at amazing prices.