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handler / укротитель, дрессировщик, тренер
имя существительное
tamer, handler
trainer, handler, tamer, breaker
coach, trainer, handler
имя существительное
a person who handles or deals with certain articles or commodities.
a baggage handler
a person who trains or has charge of an animal.
the performance of dog and handler in the ring must be accurate and correct
a person who trains or manages another person, in particular.
Out here in the real world, I have no entourage of coaches and handlers organizing my schedule, preparing my meals, and supervising my workouts.
a baggage handler
I then got in touch, or got the office manager to get in touch with the handler and tell him to get on with it because I thought it was their job that was gone off.
And they even come with their own animal handler , free of charge, which should be a great boon.
But difficulties arise where the handler has knowledge that a question of title is involved, as where the act he is required to do is to his knowledge in pursuance of a sale or other disposition by the apparent owner to a third party.
The police dog and its handler only found the plaid shirt that is one of the exhibits.
a baggage handler
Van Wyk denied that he had ever sold firearms, although he admitted that he had kept an illegal firearm in his possession on the orders of his police handler .
We saw people running outside to get all the doors open, and an animal handler came out and said that Roy had been attacked.
We see various shots and angles: two dogs rearing up, a handler releasing his animal into the ring or a close-up of a child, perhaps averting his eyes from the terrible spectacle.
I managed to hook it into a different event handler , and effectively deal with incoming requests quite happily with my first script, in one attempt.