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handlebar / руль велосипеда
имя существительное
руль велосипеда
имя существительное
the steering bar of a bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, or other vehicle, with a handgrip at each end.
Such baskets dangle from the handlebars of the bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes which are the transport of the masses.
handlebar tape
Changing partners in the House of Commons is about as helpful as wrapping your handlebars in blue tape rather than red.
If your handlebars slip in the stem clamp, that can be dangerous when you slam on your brakes.
My brother experienced going over the handlebars due to his front wheel locking up at slow speed.
While the handlebars have been fashioned from those of a bicycle, the seat and wheels were borrowed from a scooter.
I remember driving around the Warner studio with him on the bicycle handlebars , just cruising around the lot.
It has a vertical steering column and handlebars on which are attached a hand operated throttle lever and a brake grip.
He was also shown a bicycle fork and handlebars that the prosecution alleged Hughes used to weigh down the bag to prevent its discovery.
So I made sure I kept my hands on the handlebars and waited to lift them in celebration until I was well and truly over the finishing line.
Spade spun sideways narrowly avoiding getting scraped by the scooter's handlebars .