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handiwork / ручная работа, рукоделие, изделие ручной работы
имя существительное
ручная работа
handicraft, handiwork, handwork
needlework, handiwork, work
изделие ручной работы
авторская работа
вещь ручной работы
имя существительное
something that one has made or done.
the dressmakers stood back to survey their handiwork
making things by hand, considered as a subject of instruction.
they taught young women reading, writing, and handiwork
Botched handiwork by incompetent tradesmen is costing Britons millions of pounds, a new survey claims today.
It stocks exclusively handloom sarees, and this is evident from the intricate handiwork and embroidery on the latest arrivals.
I'm just going to gaze at it admiringly now as if it is my own handiwork
It was all Jalal's psychotic handiwork and I did not have anything to do with.
She groaned as she did, making a mental note to mend the slightly torn cover even if her sewing handiwork wasn't of the best quality.
the dressmakers stood back to survey their handiwork
He's a staff tandem instructor at Raven, and gets to see his handiwork in use almost every day.
He has no problem with council handiwork such as the O'Connell Street plaza being ripped up, if necessary.
Scenes behind me are assumed to be Ivan's handiwork in Grenada, back when it was still a category three storm.
Shane Dow, a crew member, stands back to admire his handiwork after painstakingly filling in Mickey Mouse's ears.