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handicraft / ручная работа, ремесло, ремесленное производство
имя существительное
ручная работа
handicraft, handiwork, handwork
craft, trade, handicraft, metier, making
ремесленное производство
handicraft industry, handicraft
искусство ремесленника
имя прилагательное
handicraft, home-made, banausic
имя существительное
a particular skill of making decorative objects by hand.
the traditional handicrafts of this region
teachers of drawing, design, and handicraft
handicraft workshops
A gap appeared, and soon became a gulf, when modern industry arose in the West and when imperial conquest ruined many traditional handicrafts .
A wide range of wooden statues, ready-made garments, decorative greeting cards, handicrafts items and eateries were on display.
From August 4-13, the centre will be showcasing the rich tradition of handicrafts of the Santhal communities of Birbhum.
Other handicrafts include woodcarving and basketry.
For Lee, the main task is to rediscover traditional handicrafts and Taiwanese cultural symbols and mold them into modern luxuries for international markets.
Practitioners of traditional handicrafts may register with the government and eventually receive a partial pension.
At the display event this year, there were student teams marketing Ayurvedic medicines and tourism, in addition to furniture, handicrafts and antiques.
Export figures for Indian handicrafts are rising but craftspersons are at the crossroads, beset with poverty and illness.