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handful / горсть, пригоршня, горсточка
имя существительное
handful, fistful
имя существительное
a quantity that fills the hand.
a small handful of fresh cilantro
a person who is very difficult to deal with or control.
the kids could be such a handful
She delivers only a handful of lines but a truckload of kicks and punches.
He is a good fighter and was a rough handful , but Harry dealt with him very well.
She flung the whole handful through the doorway and continued her spell.
The tiny handful of ranch and farm locals tried to fill me in on who some of the folks were.
When the bill originally sailed through Congress, only a small handful of Members had been permitted to read it.
When the fish melt away, introduce a handful of maggots and the same amount of hemp on to the clear patch.
a small handful of fresh cilantro
Of the 72 people who have been through his doors only a handful have given up.
All sandwiches come with a handful of nachos and some tasty homemade salsa.
They know the elusive swing voters scattered in a handful of key states want moderation, not aggression.