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handcuff / наручник
имя существительное
надевать наручники
handcuff, manacle
имя существительное
a pair of lockable linked metal rings for securing a prisoner's wrists.
He waved a pair of handcuffs under his prisoner's nose, forcing him to notice the razor sharp inner edges.
put handcuffs on (someone).
he was led into court handcuffed to a policeman
The married traffic officer aged 34 was gunned down as he sat in his patrol car trying to handcuff the man, who had been driving a stolen BMW car in Dib Lane, Oakwood.
he will not allow his training to handcuff his creativity
If you're going to get handcuffs on them, to restrain them, obviously they're going to get cut somewhere along the line.
Inside, a lone police officer is handcuffed to a bed with no other person on board.
At the cemetery, they let Tony be handcuffed just to one prison officer.
A shank was held to a female guard's throat as she was handcuffed to a chair and tied up with duct tape.
He dropped to the floor where he was handcuffed to the lowest rung on the bars.
He was immediately handcuffed by Police and prison officials and taken back into custody at Balsam Ghut.
I suddenly felt cold metal handcuffs slap on my wrists.
Slap a pair of handcuffs on the bullies and show them what a real prison is like.