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handcraft / рукоделие
craft, handmade, needlework
  • traditional handcrafts - традиционные ремесла
make skillfully by hand.
a handcrafted rocking chair
For Rs.5, you can get a beautifully handcrafted friendship band.
Having spent much of the 1970s educating himself in a stunning array of practical handcrafts , Manser took himself off in 1984 to find a way of life in which he could use his skills for greater benefit.
Or perhaps handcrafted Godiva chocolates with a love note attached?
The Kenyan native sells African handcrafts to European clients, but she knows little about U.S. markets and they don't know she exists.
Her mum, Pauline Russell, has also handcrafted a doll, which she plans to raffle at Comrade Social Club in Old Road, Clacton.
The limitations of this ultimately low-tech, handcrafted sophistication are apparent, though.
Part art project, part trophy ski, Zai planks are handcrafted in Switzerland.
Not only that, we prefer it all to be handcrafted and custom-made.
Throughout her life also, she created many articles of craftsmanship in knitting, sewing and other handcrafts .
In fact, primary and some secondary schools had practical subjects workshops for handcrafts , woodwork and bricklaying.