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handbook / руководство, справочник, указатель
имя существительное
manual, guide, leadership, guidance, direction, handbook
directory, handbook, reference book, catalog, manual, compendium
pointer, index, indicator, cursor, signpost, handbook
имя существительное
a book giving information such as facts on a particular subject or instructions for operating a machine.
Dictionaries range from language guides to handbooks of information arranged alphabetically on a range of topics.
Each chapter goes into details that warrant the use of this book as a handbook .
However its plan and whatever its strategy, a handbook is a book of instruction.
a handbook of poisonous plants
Although this book is called a handbook , it is clear that it is much more than that.
the handbook says an alkaline battery should be good for around 2000 hours of continuous performance
Amusingly, the audience got to choose between the actual book, a DIY handbook and a book about Heraldry.
In the early 1950s, the publication of instructional television programming handbooks and production manuals was also a growing phenomenon.
Many other sourcebooks, handbooks , manuals, bibliographies, and topical encyclopedias, both general and specific, are available.
Any level of arbitrariness in the information provided in handbooks would only cause noise in our analyses and hence render any detected relationships conservative.
Well we learned how to use encyclopedias and almanacs and handbooks .