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handbill / рекламный листок, афиша
имя существительное
рекламный листок
handbill, bill, dodger, throwaway
poster, bill, placard, affiche, show bill, handbill
имя существительное
a small printed advertisement or other notice distributed by hand.
He soon found that distributing handbills was illegal, so he printed handbills with an advertisement for the sub expo on one side and a protest against the city's refusal to allow him to moor the sub where he pleased on the other.
On the Saturday morning a bill was posted in the Court House, at the police station and a handbill distributed around the town.
For one performance, because I felt the audience might not be familiar with what I was doing, I decided to hand out a handbill that cited my sources.
This impression might have circulated as a handbill .
Caleb himself is the celebrated subject of a handbill , authored and distributed by Gines under the auspices of Falkland, that pursues him in his peripatetic evasion of persecution.
The camper says that landowners who need eight hundred hands print up thousands of handbills and thousands of workers show up.
The marchers distributed handbills to onlookers, pedestrians, commuters and motorists inviting them to the crusade at sites nearest to their homes.
In cooperation with the Revenue Department, it has made arrangements for on-the-spot issue of necessary documents to claim compensation, and handbills have been distributed extensively.
There, the Supreme Court, rather off-handedly, allowed the state to ban the distribution of commercial handbills in the absence of a showing of any harm to any consumers.
I was also taken to Calgary and distributed other handbills to homeless people I met on the street.
The poem was circulated on handbills and printed in newspapers.