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handbag / сумка, дамская сумочка, дамская сумка
имя существительное
bag, pouch, handbag, purse, case, satchel
дамская сумочка
handbag, purse, vanity-bag, vanity-case
дамская сумка
имя существительное
a woman's purse.
They are all small enough to fit in a purse or handbag , and I know that you will be thankful to have them.
Photographs reveal her conventionally dressed, complete with handbag .
Both teenagers who cannot be named for legal reasons, face a further charge of stealing a handbag containing a purse, cash and credit cards.
He then demanded money and the student took her purse out of her handbag and threw it on the ground.
If you are going to own something that cost someone a month's rent, it shouldn't just clutter your desk or handbag , after all.
He knocked on the door and, when the woman opened it, he pushed her inside and ransacked the house, escaping with her handbag , purse and glasses.
She later checked her handbag and found a purse with £500 had been stolen.
Her gaze drifted through the curious faces all trained on her and she tightened her grip on her oversized black handbag .
Contrast is very in this season, so play with the possibility of white shoes and a white satchel bag, or go hog wild with a crazy, bold handbag !
If you are not very tall, a bottle shaped handbag would look best.
She seemed as if she was going out as she had a car key in her hand and a handbag over her shoulder.