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hamstring / подколенное сухожилие, поджилки
имя существительное
подколенное сухожилие
hamstring, hock
hamstring, hock, hough
cripple, maim, mangle, mutilate, hamstring, disable
подрезать крылья
hamstring, pinion
подрезать поджилки
hamstring, hough, hock
имя существительное
any of five tendons at the back of a person's knee.
he pulled a hamstring
cripple (a person or animal) by cutting their hamstrings.
He hammered the remnants of his blade into the chest of the one who shattered it, and jumped to avoid a swipe that would have hamstrung him.
Squall pushed aside the chair that Mathers was trying to hamstring him with.
Do not run down the rear of the leg when nearing the hock as it is easy to cut the hamstring and cause lameness.
he pulled a hamstring
They can go to the neck and slice the jugular vein and carotid artery; they can cut the hamstring above the hock; they can cut the band on top of the neck.
he pulled a hamstring
However, the Medical Council feels it is hamstrung by 20-year-old legislation which restricts it from expanding the council to cope with its heavy workload.
It is false to suggest the Act is delaying the process or that development is hamstrung .
Is NASA too hamstrung by those restraints to do something as bold as returning to the moon and going to Mars?
Smith's fearsomely focused narratives and majestically brutal accompaniment are alternately highlighted or hamstrung by perverse and frustrating production decisions.
Your gluteus maximus and hamstrings are powerful hip extensors that are activated whenever you stand, sit or step up.