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hammy / неестественный, переигрывающий, ходульный
имя прилагательное
unnatural, stilted, hammy, stagey, affected, forced
stilted, hammy
имя прилагательное
(of acting or an actor) exaggerated or overly theatrical.
there is some hammy acting
Wednesday's opener was full of all those little traits viewers have come to equate with ITV drama: hammy acting, excruciating dialogue, stereotypes and ludicrous plots.
It's hard now to see the lame special effects and hammy acting of Star Trek without giggling to myself.
You can feel the writers trying to create a new evil nemesis for Steed and the crew, and the surreal set designs and hammy acting by the lead bad guy more than makes up for the 1930s era tin man cyborgs.
His speech was a lamentable effort - nothing about it was convincing, from the hammy acting to the misfired soundbites.
Autobiography used to be the preserve of hammy actors, gammy lieutenant commanders and superannuated hangers-on to the Bloomsbury Group.
They used hammy actors to ‘reconstruct’ the alleged plot, with sinister characters smearing a dark substance on door handles.
Sadly, the acting is never hammy enough to be enjoyable and the sets are well constructed just enough to be convincing.
If you can put yourself in a mental place to enjoy this completely flawed but eminently watchable sci-fi homage, you will be rewarded with clever twists, enjoyably hammy acting, and great footage of a stunning woman in her prime.
While the films are plagued by poorly developed plots and hammy acting, the fight sequences are excellent in that they reveal the true roots of Jackie's training.
Wolfgang Koch sings with well-focussed richness as Peter, the son driven to an excess of hammy acting by Eva's desertion.