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hammock / гамак, подвесная койка
имя существительное
подвесная койка
имя существительное
a bed made of canvas or of rope mesh and suspended by cords at the ends, used as garden furniture or on board a ship.
I love the rope hammocks but I think the mesh would be even nicer.
They now approached a boy who lay back in a hammock strung between two large maple trees.
I looked up and saw a man sitting in a hammock that was strung across the ceiling.
Then again, maybe if I ask nicely, the boss will let me string a hammock under my desk.
Each has a balcony, complete with wicker chairs and a hammock - many guests choose to sleep in the latter.
When we arrived at a grass-thatched hut at sundown, we'd string up our hammocks and spend the night.
As there were many experiments, many of them had to sleep in hammocks or cots instead of regular beds.
For the modern Cuna, it provides fibers for making clothing, brooms, threads for sewing and weaving, lamp wicks, rope, and hammocks .
We talk about natural childbirth and child spacing, swaddling, using cradleboards and hammocks , and carrying your baby.
Guests staying in the courtyard also enjoy a private sundeck with sun beds and hammocks .
Some of the crew went off-shift, stringing up hybrid bunks and hammocks belowdecks, the others continued working.