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hamburger / гамбургер, рубленый бифштекс, булочка с котлетой
имя существительное
hamburger, beefburger
рубленый бифштекс
булочка с котлетой
имя существительное
a round patty of ground beef, fried or grilled and typically served on a bun or roll and garnished with various condiments.
Steaks, hamburgers , hot dogs and pork chops are usually grilled.
Use fresh lean hamburger ; frozen beef can brown quickly and fool you into thinking it's cooked.
Tell her your favorite meat is hamburger and stress your connections with the Texas beef producers?
Cow Z's body will be used for processed beef or hamburger .
Long before the hamburger and the fried chicken, colonial circulation spawned a popular staple which Cairo made its own.
I know to use ground chuck instead of hamburger or even ground loin.
hamburger van
This time we just had the whole animal made into hamburger .
I could turn a big lump of cheap meat into short ribs, prime ribs, rib eyes, deckle steaks, and high-quality hamburger .
In this case, the freezer does not store hamburger .
Years ago, before Atkins diet was the rave, most food service folks would look at her cross-eyed when she asked them to hold the bread on a hamburger , or hold the croutons on a salad.