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ham / ветчина, окорок, радиолюбитель
имя существительное
ham, gammon, hind quarter
replay, overplay, overact, emote, ham, mug
плохо играть
имя существительное
meat from the upper part of a pig's leg salted and dried or smoked.
thin slices of ham
the backs of the thighs or the thighs and buttocks.
he squatted down on his hams
an excessively theatrical actor.
nobody gets to emote more than a ham on the witness stand
an amateur radio operator.
Tony had registered n7qvc.com because he's a keen radio ham and his call sign is - you guessed it - n7qvc.
he was hamming it up , doing all the voices and the effects
имя существительное
(in the Bible) a son of Noah (Gen. 10:1), traditional ancestor of the Hamites.
thin slices of ham
Fugard the actor is determined to turn his country singlehandedly into a chief exporter of ham .
The child scenes had enough ham to provide nutritious fillings for a national school trip's worth of sandwiches.
He's a ham - lawyer, feeding off the trouble people get themselves into.
The Fords salt their own ham , make their own sausages and 17 different kinds of pie, including the most delicious pork pie I have ever tasted.
ham actors
The pigs are getting all these roots and nuts, that's how they keep them in Italy and Spain, and that's how they get some of the best ham and bacon - it changes the flavour of the meat.
They can be prima donnas, ham actors, even cheats (Brazil's Rivaldo, on his day, is all three).
The hero, Rajesh Khanna, became a terrible ham , but he was very beautiful in his heyday, as was his co-star, Sharmila Tagore.
He rolls out lasagne sheets using a broom handle, and creates a ragu with minced meat and tomatoes, creamy béchamel sauce, cooked ham , Parmesan and mozzarella.