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halve / сокращать наполовину, делить пополам, уменьшать наполовину
сокращать наполовину
делить пополам
bisect, halve, dimidiate
уменьшать наполовину
соединять вполдерева
divide into two parts of equal or roughly equal size.
peel and halve the pears
fit (crossing timbers) together by cutting out half the thickness of each.
So, for building hardwood and softwood frames or repairing damaged timber around the house, a practical knowledge of halving joints is a real asset.
halve the aubergine lengthways
If using onion, peel, halve and cut each half in thirds for thick wedges.
his pledge to halve the deficit over the next four years
Nice mistake Murray but you should maybe halve the winnings - she did pick the teams in the first place!
his pledge to halve the deficit over the next four years
When ready to serve, peel the bananas then halve lengthways and cut each half across into quarters.
peel and halve the pears
profits are expected to halve after a tail-off in new customers
Peel, halve and de-root the onion, and chop finely.
Not only did swallow colony size almost halve with the disappearance of cattle, but birds that remained on these ‘cattle-free farms’ laid smaller clutches and were less likely to lay a second time.