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halting / остановка, сбой, перебой
имя существительное
stop, stopping, halt, stoppage, standstill, halting
failure, halting
interruption, stoppage, intermission, irregularity, halting
имя прилагательное
stammering, halting, faltering
lame, limping, gammy, halting
имя прилагательное
slow and hesitant, especially through lack of confidence; faltering.
she speaks halting English with a heavy accent
bring or come to an abrupt stop.
there is growing pressure to halt the bloodshed
walk with a limp.
he halted slightly in his walk
He possesses a rich, warm, sonorous voice, betraying further evidence of his Englishness - a confident, erudite speaker, and yet punctuated with ums, ahs, and halting hesitancy.
Gopinath's words are slow and halting , as he reconstructs for us the sparse and humble details of his life.
And this is an album awash with effortless, halting , careless wordplay.
Some of the players have also been deeply unhappy about the media coverage of last Sunday's halting 36-11 victory over Japan in Townsville.
And so the group made their slow and halting way back to Kathor.
I've found phone conversations with some people can be halting and strained but having text with them is a witty, inspired exchange you hate to have to erase when your memory gets too full.
His English is halting , but his recall remarkably precise.
His own breathing had been so halting in the last few hours that I thought at first it was probably another false alarm, but no, that was it.
In the twilight era between the end of the conflict and the halting steps toward a future built around a power-sharing government for Catholics and Protestants, the IRA seems to have carved a new path.
Her shaking hands cover her mouth and she walks backwards in slow, halting steps.