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halter / недоуздок, повод, удавка
имя существительное
halter, headstall, headpiece
occasion, reason, cause, rein, bridle, halter
running knot, halter
надевать недоуздок
приучать к узде
halter, mouth
hang, weigh, suspend, drape, swing, halter
имя существительное
a rope or strap with a noose or headstall placed around the head of a horse or other animal, used for leading or tethering it.
Much of the program is taught to the human and the horse using a rope halter and rope hackamore.
a strap by which the bodice of a sleeveless dress or top is fastened or held behind at the neck, leaving the shoulders and back bare.
tourists in halter tops and shorts
the balancing organ of a two-winged fly, seen as either of a pair of knobbed filaments that take the place of the hind wings, vibrating during flight.
put a halter on (an animal).
In silence and in darkness they loaded the carriage and haltered the horses.
She had gone out and bought a sparkling silver halter dress, with a plunging neckline and low-cut back.
When a new heifer comes in to milk, we halter and tie her tight to one of the large, heavy U-bolts cemented against the wall in our tie stall barn.
Gently, she moved Matrix's halter from his head to around his neck so that she would have control even without the bridle on.
Jessica dressed in a red halter top, white fitted capris, and white flip flops.
Ty grabbed MeadowLark's halter and tugged on it.
They start at opposite ends of the line and throw a halter over each animal's head.
And there, made ready for death, with the halter round her neck, she stood upon the fatal ladder in calm serenity, expecting to die.
Zassa was in a short, flouncy halter dress in blinding white that she'd bought.
Holding on to the halter around the neck of the cow as he tried to settle the riled up animal, was David, with two puffing dogs at his heels.
Bob calmly grabbed the stallion's halter , led him into the corner of the stall, placed a twitch around his nose and proceeded to treat him.