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halt / остановка, привал, полустанок
имя существительное
stop, stopping, halt, stoppage, standstill, pause
halt, camp
halt, way station, whistle-stop
limp, hobble, halt, walk with a limp, have a limp, dot and go one
stop, stay, halt, shut down, arrest, stall
stop, dwell, stay, halt, pause, shut down
имя существительное
a suspension of movement or activity, typically a temporary one.
a halt in production
bring or come to an abrupt stop.
there is growing pressure to halt the bloodshed
walk with a limp.
he halted slightly in his walk
имя прилагательное
If a woman were blind, the good wonder-workers would give her back her eyes; if a man were halt , they would give him back his leg.
But that is apparently as close as it got before the anomalous signal brought the activities to a halt .
"He who is halt " clearly refers to Zar, who walks with a painful limp because of a leg injury he suffered many years before.
After a high speed chase lasting several minutes, the car left the road and slid to a halt .
there is growing pressure to halt the bloodshed
Because Clyde can't make it up some hills if he has to halt at certain stop signs, he has already been chastised for coming to a roll-stop by local police.
When two siren-blaring ambulances screeched to a halt in front of Yashoda Superspecialities Hospitals, passers-by were alarmed.
While the inauguration of the mall was scheduled for 10.23 a.m., the crowd gathered an hour before bringing traffic movement to a halt .
Once four or five trusses have formed, pinch out the main growing stem to halt the plant's growth.
A last-ditch bid to halt new charges being brought in for a car park at Holland-on-Sea has been thrown out.
Before the flyovers were built, buses would halt at several stops on the road and this was convenient to many who lived or worked around these stops.