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hallway / прихожая, коридор
имя существительное
hallway, lobby, antechamber
corridor, hallway, hall, passage, passageway, aisle
My husband was in the garden and I was standing in the hallway when I heard a terrible screech.
Inside a golf bag in a cupboard in the hallway they found hidden three nine ounce bars of the drug.
Some of the students could not understand why she wanted to put up a memorial tile in the hallway for Dylan.
The buyers reportedly have a large hallway in which to display their new purchase.
The house has a living room, a sitting room, a kitchen on the ground floor and a hallway with storage.
They open the door just halfway, never let you in and say thank you in the hallway .
At the end of the hallway , the soldiers put us in a big room and lock the metal door behind them.
The pensioner heard a second man talking to his wife in the hallway and became suspicious.
Visually double the size of your hallway by hanging a large mirror to borrow and bounce light.
The children often sat in the hallway of the house with the door open saying hello to people as they went past.