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hallucinatory / характеризующийся галлюцинациями, вызывающий галлюцинации
имя прилагательное
характеризующийся галлюцинациями
hallucinatory, hallucinative
вызывающий галлюцинации
имя прилагательное
of or resembling a hallucination.
a hallucinatory fantasy
Paul's hallucinatory obsessions further spread his feet between the worlds of fantasy and reality until he has to confront his fears.
His starry eyed, almost hallucinatory imaginings remind us that dreams are part of life, too.
The book is a hallucinatory drug, its words venomous mushrooms sprouting in dark armies on the soft fibres of paper.
His existential thriller, Portrait of a Lady Far Away, is a dreamy, hallucinatory ride through Tehran by twilight.
Reassessing the archival records in EMA, Arenas rewrites Mier's life in his own fantasized, creative, hallucinatory , baroque picaresque fashion.
Most people presumed, that like most hallucinatory drugs, it was originally made to help alleviate the symptoms of mental illness, but as soon as it hit the streets, it spread like wildfire.
I don't know what happened to certain people in the United States after 9 / 11, but they seemed to have entered some sort of hallucinatory fugue state in which they lost all reason.
When the staff searched his luggage (standard procedure for new patients), they found a stash of marijuana, pain killers, hallucinatory mushrooms, you name it.
Recent scholarship suggests that the sometimes hallucinatory and psychedelic drink called soma, personified and worshipped as the god Soma in the ancient Indian Vedas, was in fact pressed from a type of mushroom called soma.
‘Dreams are a delusional hallucinatory state’ driven by activation of the brain's basic motivational system, Solms told a recent gathering of scientists in New York City.