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hallucinate / галлюцинировать, страдать галлюцинациями, вызывать галлюцинацию
hallucinate, trip
страдать галлюцинациями
вызывать галлюцинацию
experience a seemingly real perception of something not actually present, typically as a result of a mental disorder or of taking drugs.
people sense themselves going mad and hallucinate about spiders
Immediately I am captivated by this picture-perfect creature before me, and I find myself wondering if he is even real or if I have begun to hallucinate .
people sense themselves going mad and hallucinate about spiders
By the time I actually made it to the clinic, I had been awake so long, and had been depriving myself of anything other than just water, that I was beginning to hallucinate .
He looked up at the ceiling and began to hallucinate .
They became slaves to impulse, began to hallucinate , and, in a hypnotic trance, became completely vulnerable to the suggestions of leaders who might be thrown up.
At times I was suffering mild paralysis in my legs, and I think I was beginning to hallucinate , but one of the other drivers in a Ferrari 550 ended up in intensive care!
He noted that with enough sleep deprivation, some people can develop mood changes and can even begin to hallucinate , ‘all of which can lead to reduced quality of life.’
Sleep deprivation really kicked in, and I started to actually hallucinate !
After awhile subjects become disoriented and begin to hallucinate uncontrollably.
My mouth became a dust bowl, complete with tumbleweed and mini sandstorms, and I actually started to hallucinate about a bottle of Evian.