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hallmark / отличительный признак, проба, критерий
имя существительное
отличительный признак
hallmark, character, difference, earmark, note, kind
try, sample, test, trial, probe, hallmark
criterion, test, measure, yardstick, touchstone, hallmark
ставить пробу
устанавливать критерий
имя существительное
a mark stamped on articles of gold, silver, or platinum in Britain, certifying their standard of purity.
This is to be an appeal against the proposal by Italy for the abandonment of hallmarks on gold and silver throughout the EU.
stamp with a hallmark.
For 700 years - let me repeat that for 700 years we have had a system for hallmarking precious metals.
The writer adapted the production from his own stage play, and each interchange has an authenticity which is the hallmark of a fine ear for dialogue.
The whole affair has typified the double standards that are a hallmark of New Labour.
Long hours, mysterious forced injections for female workers and unattainable quotas are the hallmark of factories on the Massacre river.
For many artists, the pixelated line that is the hallmark of digital drawing programs has become as available a device as unmediated strokes of pen and ink.
He was determined to apply himself with the same diligence which was the hallmark of his refereeing.
the tiny bubbles are the hallmark of fine champagnes
The hall courts also granted permission to establish a factory and inspected the goods produced; approved goods were stamped with a hallmark after payment of a fee.
All these influences helped him develop the geometrically regular and spare outlines that became the hallmark of his style.
The title betrayed an ingrained antipathy towards the music industry that would hallmark his career.
Clear and distinct ideas are the hallmark of Cartesian thought, and Marion turns to the meaning of idea in Descartes.