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hallelujah / аллилуйя
имя существительное
hallelujah, alleluia, halleluiah
имя существительное
an utterance of the word “hallelujah” as an expression of worship or rejoicing.
The reporter observed that this comment was met with amens and hallelujahs .
God be praised (uttered in worship or as an expression of rejoicing).
He is risen! Alleluia!
Yep the dizzy blonde had some friends this week - hallelujah !
The Age reports that the krouts have found it's been raining toad entrails, hallelujah !
I felt a hallelujah bubbling up in my throat but quickly suppressed it when we were asked to stand and sing What a friend we have in Colin.
And when you find that one Mexican stamp with Frida Kahlo's unibrow, hallelujah !
In the second - hallelujah ! - the oldie in question is neither loveable nor crusty (Hollywood's usual options for the over-60s) but the sort of average bloke you might meet in real life.
The Babu's an unabashed Potter fan, but all the same - hallelujah , the Lord be praised.
This exalted state rests between channels 701 and 715 on DirecTV - hallelujah , NFL Sunday Ticket!
We've all found each other and, hallelujah , we're not nuts.
Tried Miller for a while, then JD and Coke for years but recently I have seen the light, hallelujah !
Then, I downloaded a stand-alone installer instead of using the webpage installation which doesn't work on my computer, set it to run and, hallelujah , it all works!