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hall / зала, зал, холл
имя существительное
hall, parlor, saloon, saloon car, saloon carriage, parlour
hall, lobby, entry
имя существительное
an area in a building onto which rooms open; a corridor.
She tiptoed quietly to her room down the hall and opened the door; she looked around.
a large room for meetings, concerts, or other events.
Carnegie Hall
a large country house, especially one with a landed estate.
Darlington Hall
On the west side, a trio of exhibition foyers connects with a 350 seat conference hall .
Opening the door, Serenity tiptoed across the hall and opened the door to Haley's room.
In Budapest, the dance was in a huge hall converted from a palace.
On the ground floor is an entrance hall , lounge, kitchen, sunroom, office and utility room.
Inside, the entrance hall is spacious with a handy understairs cloaks cupboard.
The original features of the hall 's reception rooms, previously sub-divided into small offices, can now be seen again.
The King left the lavish room for the banquet hall , leaving Shyra and Gaiden to finish preparing.
Through her closed door, Bri heard her father's bedroom door from across the hall slowly squeak open.
I could not understand why a meal in the hall should cause this alarm.
Further round, over the entrance to the dark hall, is a well appointed lecture hall .