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halfway / наполовину, на полпути, частично
half, halfway
на полпути
halfway, midway, half-seas-over
partially, partly, part, in part, fractionally, halfway
имя прилагательное
лежащий на полпути
at or to a point equidistant between two others.
he stopped halfway down the passage
It's fine for taking stills, but we found it requires the user to sit very still in front of the cam if you want a halfway decent photo.
So anyone can see why my attention was dwindling about halfway through first period.
Keep going with the article, it starts slow but about halfway down starts getting into the real meaning.
It drives you insane because, halfway through, you switch to the night shift.
He was already halfway across the open-plan lawn, discarding his clothes to reveal an all-over tan.
Restaurants actually started to offer halfway decent veggie food.
Abby became DJ for the night, which led to songs being changed halfway .
This fine pitch is roughly halfway between Headley's Bridge and Knocknagoshel.
It was about when she reached the halfway mark between the store and dumpsters that she heard the low rumble of a souped engine roar.
Ms Beeny is so very annoying that I can usually feel my hackles rising before the programme has even reached the halfway point.