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halfback / полузащитник
имя существительное
halfback, half, linkman, standoff, standoff half
имя существительное
an offensive back usually positioned behind the quarterback and to the side of the fullback.
At Notre Dame, Hornung played quarterback, halfback and fullback.
Before Toombs showed up looking like a guard, there was debate about whether he was best suited to play halfback or fullback at the next level.
He played halfback in the Australian rugby union team and was scorer in a test at Lords.
At Notre Dame, Hornung played quarterback, halfback and fullback.
I made the run-on team but as a winger because the incumbent halfback was heaps bigger and faster than me, and also because the mate that introduced me to the club had broken his nose the previous week.
With the tight end position unproductive in 2000, Bennett might provide a new dimension as an H-back, fullback or halfback .
The Downtown Athletic Club officially lists the Ohio State Buckeye as a quarterback / halfback .
From a rugby league point of view, if you talk mentors the biggest impact on me was Ricky Stuart, he was awesome and reinvented the way a halfback plays rugby league.
Another favoured son of a Police officer has been selected to play the dual role of halfback / fullback.
This has been a continuation of an age-old argument in New Zealand rugby history when two halfbacks of similar class have been available.
Hockey should follow suit with special coaches for goalkeepers, defenders, halfbacks and forwards.